Monday, 1 December 2014

I Am Tired of Fighting the Battle of Life!

Tiredness of Soul and Worldly Struggles

I am tired of fighting the battle of Life I want peace and serenity!
I don’t know where the fairy tales are seen
Does moon has a Sweet GRANNY
Who could make all DREAMS come true?
I wonder as if I am a Lone Ranger
A path that is all too clear
For those who can see REALITY beyond walls
Here is another world
Parallel to the one we live in!
How many People can see the Spiritual World!
Going side by side with us
I cannot see it but I want peace
I want Eternal Love!
Here is no Peace in this world of Desires and Survival!
I want to see the Love of Present Moment
Not to go for desires that are astray
Not to fight any other battle of this fragile life
I am done with this world
I am waiting for the carriage of death!
The Angel
Who will knock my door to take me on a long journey!
I am done with this world for sure!!

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