Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why Happiness is Always Short-lived?

Happiness and Peace of Mind

I keep on thinking about the patterns of life and what kinds of things make one person happy and the other sad at the same time. When a person does wrong to other like rob or kill someone then he is happy. It may be out of revenge or the suppressed desires. But the dying person would never feel the same and his loved ones will go through a whole process of agony. Same is the case with building a relationship that is too good but ends up after short time!

Why human race is ins Quest of Happiness when it is crystal clear that it is going to be either a momentary pleasure or a small time joy. Then logic will play its part and each person will feel it quite useless to be excited over things that are no more important. I read from a philosopher and writer’s book that the real pleasure lies in quest and struggle to attain something and it is destroyed once we achieve it!

Well I think it is a wonderful quote that explains a lot about uselessness of looking for clich├ęd happiness. I think peace of mind and soul are much more important than the short-lived happiness. So why not we must try to attain an internal peace and a closeness to nature. Every sane person knows that he or she will die one day and nobody knows about AFTERLIFE, and there is no need to waste this small time in hatred for other races, nations, civilizations and norms!

If we think about the peace and prosperity of whole of human race on the planet EARTH then I think it will really give us a lasting happiness and act as a soothing effect. I would love to tell you that my love for life goes on for things that are going to have lasting impression on my life and that of others. So I prefer to look for happiness that comes with making another person smile or to fulfill his or her small desire or need.

Happiness is temporary as we are too indulged in getting its full flavor that we forget the lapse of time. While the period of agony will let lose us in gloominess and bleakest days, and our Minds and Souls ore occupied with Depression and Hopelessness. So it seems to us as a non-ending period. But I am happy that you read my blog and will definitely try to find some New Meaning of Word HAPPINESS. For me it is so multidimensional and very complex issue. I want to know your perceptions for that sake of my knowledge!!

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