Sunday, 30 November 2014

Don’t Move – A Film about Human Loneliness and Inside Storms (Non ti Mouvere)!

Penelope Cruz in Don't Move

Being a great fan of Drama Films and passionate about the expertise that are exhibited through storyline, dialogues, screenplay, acting, casting, direction, art direction and production are a matter of my deep observation. I am fan of non-contemporary movies that might get a Premier in some Film Festivals. These are really a delight to watch, and I am not even concerned about how many awards it has gotten, and not about IMDB or Rotten Tomato Rating and even about the Gross Earning.

So the different approach of mine has led me to the corridors of experimentation and wonderful insights on films that might not be highlighted in general. Here I am telling about an Italian Film named “Don’t Move” and its Italian name is “Non ti Mouvere”. For Penelope Cruz fans this movie is one of her best asset, and she has performed par excellence. 

Penelope Cruz is one such actress who is a great combination of Beauty and Brain, and it is clearly depicted in the selection of roles and her choice of films that she works in. In fact I got a chance to see Non ti Mouvere with English Language Subtitles. I tried to watch this movie that is translated as Don’t Move for Penelope Cruz. But the beginning just paralyzed my emotionally when I saw a single heeled RED shoe amidst a passage to a building which later revealed as a hospital. 

Why that Red Shoe was there and Who placed it there just entangles a mystery bound around, and you are spell bounded in it till the end. When the end comes and you see the reel of names then you want to cry out loud, and ask one question to yourself. Is it all Life and What is the Use of Living it when everything will end like that? 

Italia being the name of Penelope Cruz in the film made me feel reluctant to live like a normal being who runs behind worldly success and gains. My Perceptions about Life and Human Existence has changed, owing to this film. A poor woman who was raped by a Rich and Famous Doctor when he was overheated and drunk, and then as an aftermath when he felt guilty. The guilt conscious took him again and again to that ordinary woman who did not belong to his class. 

The irony of the situation is that he is married and having quitter a comfortable life. Italia is so different from her life, thought process and has her own opinions about LIFE. When they got closer than he realized that people become insane and pathetic due to extraordinary situations and sufferings. He got so close to her that he tried to flee away with her to another land. But she died on a way, and there is a whole climax behind all events.

I can never forget one dialogue when he said to her colleague while his daughter as a teenager has a fatal accident, and being operated. He said to his best friend and colleague “I do not know where people go when they die but I surely know where they remain, and that is heart”. Watch it out for seeing a mature cinema of the world, and “Don’t’ Move” deserves a standing ovation with respect to many fields of artistic presentation.

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