Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Social Injustice Leads to Frustration, Crimes and Mental Disorders!!

Social Injustice and Moral and Mental Issues

The awareness leads to curiosity and analysis of so many things around. It has happened with me as what are the reasons of rising psychological or mental issues, and about the rise in crime rate around the world. It is not a matter of Reality if I say that Evildoers were not present in olden times. There were people who faced melancholy and schizophrenia in history as well. Lord Byron, Emily Dickinson, John Keats, Nietzsche, Marlin Monroe and many famous personalities faced some psychic issues!

So the matter of concern is the facts of rising ratio as it was a rare phenomenon in the past. But is has raised so much as if I am talking about frustrated souls like Virginia Woolf. Who used to talk to her but wrote mind-blowing novels and short stories. She was the pioneer of Barnstorming Style of Writing where a protagonist narrates the tale as he or she is experiencing, and it can go in past and present and visualizations of future as well!

Social Psychologists are busy in finding out reasons of mental disorders that are not genetic and occur due to environmental issues. So the frustration rate carries on a higher rate of CRIMES, and it is due to the fact that people see others in so much LUXURY but they don’t have basic necessities. They feel that Society had deprived them of the Basic Wants of LIFE. So they want to grab everything by breaking the Law of the Land. 

So my point is that it is matter of serious thinking as how we can create equality in different cultures and societies. So the best thing about the modern days is that people are exposed to wider thinking patterns, and they use media and social media to understand all about their own issues and of the world around!

If we can inculcate the sense of Optimism and Motivation to fight back the Pessimism and Negative or Evil things out of MIND. If a Society as a whole gives freedom of expression and Justice to every SOUL. So it is really a matter of emergency concern to address the real issues by States. 

It is really very important to create a flow of Equal Partnership and to negate the Influential Personalities, to make decisions for everyone, and assume that people will not be affected. This is matter that is really need to be changes for sure, and for success of each Nation and the whole World!!

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